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BLOGGING | Why did I start blogging?

It’s dawned on me recently, when reading some blogs that I follow, that I never did the obvious thing and say why I started a blog in the first place.…

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Why hello again

It’s quite literally almost the middle of July and I must admit I have been quite neglectful of my blog for the past few weeks. So what’s happened since my…

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EXHIBITION | The Alice Look

[2nd May 2015 – 1st November 2015] Marking the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Alice Look explores Lewis Carroll’s heroine and her impact on the fashion world. Although the…

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LONDON LIFE | [5] the river thames

Who knew the River Thames could look so blue?…

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LONDON LIFE| [4] Tower Bridge

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DAYS OUT | Hyde Park

When the weather is good, there’s nothing quite like being outdoors or going for a stroll. After a few good days of warm weather and blue skies my friend and…

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LONDON LIFE | [3] London Eye

I took this a while ago – I love how the sun is shining in the background.…

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EXHIBITION | What Is Luxury?

At the V&A museum [25th April – 27th September 2015] In partnership with the Crafts Council What is Luxury? examines how the term luxury has been understood and perceived throughout history, to…

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Embarrassing Moments #45279

Ever had that embarrassing moment when you run for a bus and just miss it? So you try to style it out and carry on running past it.You vow, there…

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Well, hi there!

I’ve never been one for ‘about me’ pages so let's keep it short and sweet: I'm 25 (so I guess you could assume I'm going through a quarter-life crisis), London-based, love food, oh, and partial to a rum-based drink... or just the rum tbh.