If you hadn’t guessed it already, I’m Juanita (and yes, Shikira is actually my middle name!) I’m London-based, born and raised and I probably have a London accent whatever that sounds like.

After completing my degree in Creative Writing and Journalism in 2014, I left that ‘staple’ and stable first retail job, desperate to get to get all the experience I could in order to start a career. Eventually, in spring of 2015 I decided to do something I should have done years before – find my creative outlet and start a blog.

I started exploring London a bit more and after a few exhibitions, and some seriously good weather, LDNGIRL was born. It was all love at first but I had started to get more people asking me if my blog was solely focused on London, and I could see that being something that could potentially be a barrier in the future. In reality, I write about anything and everything on my blog so I didn’t want to put my creativity into a tiny little box, so just after a year I re-branded to Juanita Shikira – which is also my handle across my social media – which makes complete sense if you think about it.

Juanita Shikira